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Reuben Gray




Who are Brewery Jobs Ireland?

Breweryjobs.ie was born after I noticed an increasing number of Irish breweries posting jobs on social media. Irish breweries are expanding looking for the right candidate. Traditional job websites don’t really cater for breweries or those interested in working in the industry.

As for myself, I’m Reuben Gray. I write about beer on my own blog: taleofale.com as well as a monthly page for FFT magazine and the odd article on TheJournal.ie. I’m also the publishing editor of Beoir magazine which comes out every 6 months. I currently serve as Chairman of Beoir, Ireland’s Beer Consumers’ Organisation.

Professionally, I’m a Senior IT Engineer at Netspeed. I have been dabbling in websites since the 90s and have set up and maintained many over the years.

What do I hope to get out of this?

Right now, it’s a bit of fun with the added satisfaction of filling a gap in the market. Hopefully, the website will be able to help breweries connect with candidates as well as help job seekers find employment in an industry they are passionate about. At some point in the future, I might provide a paid premium package that employers can choose if they wish for extra features but the website will always be completely free to use and for employers to post jobs.

Do I get paid for this?

Not at the moment no. In fact, it costs time & money to host and develop a website. I have probably invested a about €200 in this project. At some point in the future, I may recoup some of that. For now, I’m happy to see how things go.


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